Explore Our Well Repair and Maintenance Solutions

Explore Our Well Repair and Maintenance Solutions

Pump Repair

Pump Repair Services provides water well pump repair, pump service, and installations in Orlando, Clermont, Sorrento, Apopka, Windermere, and all over central Florida. Central Florida's best pump repair service company. When results matter, we are here to help. Always local, always on time well pump service.

We take pride in customer service, we solve all your water issues at pump repair service. With knowledge and experience, we quickly and effectively provide all types of well pump repair service on most makes and models.

We're second to none in the water well service industry. Be confident of the highest quality, minimum expense, with maximum results. 24-hr well pump service, pump repair service, and well pump repair with no after-hours upcharge. Depend on us for all your repair and service needs, you'll be glad you did.

Well Drilling and Well Repair

Irrigation Wells and pumps save our customers Lots-of-money. Do your math and learn how much you can save. Average savings are dependent on the size of your irrigation system and vary from site to site. Is irrigation well and pump right for your budget? We are committed to customer service throughout the state of Florida. We offer all types of well and pump repair solutions for belowground well water supply systems.

Water wells drilling contractors from 2" and 4" Deep Wells to Shallow wells. Our water well drillers will determine what size water well, will fit your family's needs.

How much water supply will be provided, the right water pressure, and right-size tank.

We provide complete water well drilling packages:
Well - Well Casing - Well Seal - Pump - Tank - Control Box - Pressure Switch and Gauge.
Includes all miscellaneous PVC fittings and warranties.
When we state complete, we mean complete total quoted cost with no extras.

Call one of our water well drillers today to get your water well in today!

Water Treatment Service

Pump Repair Services takes great pride in knowing that we deliver the highest quality water treatment systems and provide excellent service. With the least expensive and the lowest maintenance, Water Treatment Systems. We provide complete installation on our custom-built water treatment systems, design especially for your type of water

Our water treatment specialists will analyze your water quality and give opinions along with solutions that use your existing water filtering system to solve your costly, high maintenance water processing problems that leave well water odors, iron staining, iron odors, sulfur odors, hard water, calcium buildup, hard water stains, bacteria problems

Pump Repair Services will evaluate every well water problem one step at a time and as individual water systems, this experience comes from over 26 years of well water system engineering, water well treatment and design, water well contracting, and pump repair services. We deliver very accurate, very professional, and very practical water treatment solutions for each resident’s water problems one customer at a time and every system as an individual well system or city water system

At Pump Repair Services, we personally design and build your water treatment systems for your water. Say goodbye to the aggravation of okay water, make it your water. We can help. Better Water quality is what we do!

We care and you're going to notice! We love water and water is what we do

Try Our Newly Designed Water Treatment Systems

Treat your water issues where they start. In your well. Ask us how you can optimize your water treatment systems for fresher, cleaner water with less maintenance and a more desirable, fresher result with our new water purifying system we can make your well water be virtually maintenance-free, improve your quality of water, lessen your operating expense and lengthen your water systems life expectancy. Our system gives you your weekends back. Solve your TDS and acid level problems. Make it your water, we can help. We're committed to what we do. Your water treatment systems are our business, so give us a call you'll be glad you did.

It's easy to forget how important water is in our lives, of course, we need it in our diet however, in our homes it's a tool, a fluid medium that carries material from one place to the next. Unlike most things, though, water doesn't come with an instruction manual. If it did, you'd know why the dishes you thought were washed are covered with spots and why the water in your shower leaves a film on everything. Why your water quality tastes bad and that "rotten egg" smell you’re smelling isn't coming from the trash can, it's coming from the water treatment systems.

At Pump Repair Services, our water treatment department's goal is to make your water quality the best as possible, by customizing your water treatment systems. Our water treatment systems will enhance soft water for your hard water issues, it will remove the rotten egg smell and iron to keep all your household appliances free from destruction. You will keep money in your pockets with our water treatment systems because you won't have to replace clothing, appliances due to destruction caused by iron.